The S-video interlinks come in different variations with Scart/S-video/RCA connectors. Application examples: DVD/SVHS to TV/Projector. 

S-Video Cable AV-2 
The S-Video cables are available in different combinations with Scart/S-video/RCA connectors. All connectors are shielded 
Application example: DVD/SVHS to TV/Projector. 

The S-Video Format 
S-Video is a better transfer system than composite, but needs two conductors with correct phase properties for synchronising the luminance and chroma. In order to achieve this, the True 75 Ohm impedance is an important parameter of the cable.

S-Video means a signal that is separated Y/C. Y (graY) is grey scale (luminance) and C stands for Colour. S-Video givs better colour quality and sharpness than composite video. Supports 480i and 576i formats.

Our most sold svideo interconnect. Svideo-Svideo is a semi-balanced interconnect with Supra SVHS-7 plugs

Technical Info