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Anco Aerial Cable 
Anco Anco is a silver plated cable for high quality aerial signals. 

Available only with European co-axial TV (PAL) connectors. Male to male or female to male. Suitable connectors is Acon M and Acon F. 
The PAL system (Phase Alternating Line) is employed in most of Europe. In USA the NTSC system (National Television System Committe) is used. 

Application examples: Aerial to TV/Digital receiver.
Anco-TV M-F Aerial
Anco with Acon plugs.

Mechanical Specifications

Cross. Area: 0.28 / 23   (mm2/AWG)
No. Wires: 1    
Wire Diameter: 0.6   (mm)
Wire Material: Silver Plated OFC    
Insulation PE    
Inner Screen Coverage Aluminium Foil    
Outer Screen Coverage Braid Sn OFC,>95%    
Jacket: Heat & ageing resitant PVC    
Ext. Diameter: 6.2   (mm)
Weight: 52   (g/m)

Electrical performance

C   72 pF/m
Imp. Z 72  
Velo Factor 0.72c