All analogue cables are designed with SUPRA´s efficient screening. This guarantees interference free cable runs. The cables are designed for low capacitance and high velocity. The result is better definition and dynamics.
Artikelnummer Produkter
1001900412 6RCA-6RCA A/V 1M 1
1001908993 DB25M-4XLR/M AUDIO W/O CABLE 1
1001909009 DB25M-8XLR/M AUDIO W/O CABLE 1
1001908829 DUAL 3RCA-3RCA AUDIO 0.5M 1
1001908811 DUAL 3RCA-3RCA AUDIO 1M 1
1001908837 DUAL 7RCA-7RCA AUDIO 0.5M 1
1001908779 DUAL 7RCA-7RCA AUDIO 1M 1